The Law Offices of Brandee J.K. Faria, LLLC


“I have known Ms. Faria for the majority of her career and can attest that she has taken on some of the most challenging and complex litigation cases and has achieved successful outcomes on behalf of her clients. Ms. Faria is a tenacious advocate who leaves no stone unturned in her pursuit of justice for her clients. She is meticulous, detail-oriented, and has an exceptional ability to identify key issues and develop effective legal strategies. Ms. Faria is also a compassionate and responsive attorney who takes the time to listen to her clients and provide them with the support they need during what can be a difficult and stressful time. She is an exceptional attorney who has the knowledge, experience, and dedication needed to achieve successful outcomes for her clients, and that is why I would highly recommend attorney Brandee Faria.”

– Mark Mukai

“I hold the Law Offices of Brandee J.K. Faria in the highest regard. She knows when and how to fight but she’s incredibly compassionate, authentic and well respected in her field. Finding quality representation is hard in this island setting but something needs to be noted that a single mother in a “Man’s world”, who can get things done and still garner respect from the opposition, is someone you want on your side. Simply put, you’re either pono or you’re not. Brandee Faria is on the side of Pono.”

-D.F. Honolulu, HI.

“Brandee Faria represented Castle & Cooke on difficult cases. She is prompt, reliable and diligent and focused on efficient and fair outcomes.”

-Richard Mirikitani, Esq.
Corporate Counsel – Castle & Cooke Hawaii

“I have known Ms. Faria for over twenty years. During that time she has acted not only as co-counsel with my former firm in many large class actions and other cases, but also successfully defended my late father’s estate against a multi-million dollar malpractice claim. If I or any of my friends or clients ever needed a sharp, persistent, and well-organized litigation attorney, Ms. Faria would be at the top of my list.”
-Bill Saunders, Esq.