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Is Walgreens charging shoppers in Hawaii too much?
Is Walgreens charging shoppers in Hawaii too much?

Is Walgreens charging shoppers in Hawaii too much?

Jul 1, 2023 | Class Actions

When you go to the store, you assume that the price you are paying is accurate. You trust the cashier to ring up your purchases correctly, and you assume that the prices you see on the labels are correct. It would be surprising and possibly infuriating to learn that a store has violated that trust and is actually charging you more than is reasonable or fair. Unfortunately, this is something that has happened to shoppers in Hawaii who have patronized the drug store Walgreens.

Shoppers have found that the drug store locations in Hawaii have been charging them on top of the costs of their purchases. The stores are improperly charging for recycling fees for wine bottles, something that the stores have tried to do in the past. There is no recycling fee mandated by the state, so customers believe that these are improper charges done simply in an effort to increase profits.

Recycling fees and extra charges

In some places across the country, people can recycle their wine bottles, but this is not an option in Hawaii, regardless of the alcohol content of the wine. When buying a plastic bottle in the state, customers will pay an additional $.06 as a container fee and deposit. If the customer brings the bottle back to a recycling center, he or she can get a nickel in return. Previously, Walgreens apparently charged double for container fees and improperly charged for wine bottles.

When asked about the improper charges, a Walgreens manager was unable to provide an answer, but instead recommended coming into the store for a refund. This particular drug store chain has a history of overcharging customers in other states as well, and is now facing legal action in Hawaii for their charging practices. After the media discovered this most recent problem, the store dropped the improper recycling charges.

Are you a victim?

If you are a victim of these improper charges at a Walgreens location, you do not have to remain silent. It is possible that you have grounds to pursue legal action or join in ongoing legal action. To learn more about this potential course of action, you may benefit from an assessment of your case and explanation of the specific options available to you.