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Premises liability and parking garage safety
Premises liability and parking garage safety

Premises liability and parking garage safety

Oct 16, 2023 | Firm News

Whether you live in Hawaii or visit here on vacation, you may encounter issues while traveling through a particular area where there is no on-street parking. Most hotels on the islands have parking garages on their property. You might also work for a company that has a garage available for its employees. If you suffer an injury in a parking garage, it’s important to determine whether premises liability exists.  

A property owner must take steps to alert visitors to known hazards and to create a safe environment. If you are using a parking garage and break your ankle after tripping in a pothole, it might be a liability for the garage owner. There are certain precautionary measures that parking garage owners can take to improve safety for patrons and guests.  

Premises liability may exist if there are no lights at night in a parking garage 

If you suffer an injury in a parking garage at night or in the wee hours of the morning, inadequate lighting might be a factor. Even if you use the flashlight feature on a cell phone, it may not be enough light to safely navigate a parking garage, especially if it’s one you have never been in prior to that time.  

A property owner must make sure there is sufficient lighting and should conduct regular inspections of all lights to check if they are functioning properly. A poorly lit area leaves guests at risk. It is more likely that you might trip and fall in the dark. Dark areas are also prime locations for criminals to lurk, which could place you at risk for assault.  

Parking garages should have security 

While not every parking garage in Hawaii has a security guard at the gate, most have some form of surveillance, such as cameras installed to monitor the premises. Lack of security is another issue that often constitutes premises liability when injuries occur in a parking garage.  

Do whatever you can to improve parking garage safety 

As a guest in a Hawaii parking garage, you may be able to improve safety by taking certain precautions. For example, if you know you must walk to or from your vehicle at night, try not to go alone. If it’s possible, do what you need to do in daylight hours. During the day, you can see your surroundings more clearly, including cracks or holes in the concrete that pose a safety hazard. 

Even so, premises liability might still exist if you fall or suffer injuries in a Hawaii parking garage during the day. Make sure you understand what a property owner’s obligations are so that you can determine if negligence is a factor if an incident occurs that results in injuries to you or your loved one.